Friday, May 1, 2009

To the Nine(s)

If I were Jim Carrey, I might consider dropping 23 for 9 right about now.

Just check the coming titles:

District 9, a sci-fi flick produced by Peter Jackson ...

9, a dark (animated) offering with quite the voice cast (and a killer song in the trailer) ...

And (rev up the hype machine) Nine, a Rob Marshall-directed musical starring Daniel Day-Lewis and every actress in history, based on a stage play that was inspired by Fellini's 8 1/2.

No trailer available, but methinks we'll see a bit more of this one as the year progresses.

( with the pic)

In other news, this post took nine minutes to write. My summaries of the final two films on the list contain exactly nine hyperlinks. This entry was published on 05/01/09, and everyone knows that (0 x 5) + (0 x 1) + (0 + 9) = 9. And -- oh my God, there are nines everywhere. Go ahead ... tell yourself it's just a number.

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