Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Three-Man Weav(ing)

In honor of The Matrix's 10th Anniv -- wait. I'm really not that into The Matrix. The effects were cool and all, but the rest of the movie was kind of whatever*.

*Yes! If you like that little nugget, keep checking back here for MORE insightful film critique! That's, everyone! And you can follow me on Twitter, too!

Anyway, hearing about the whole Matrix/10th-year thing might get you thinking about the cast, which might eventually lead you to Hugo Weaving, who was totally badass as Agent Smith in the two Matrix films I actually saw (and, presumably, the third one).

He also found himself in another popular trilogy/franchise:

... and, much earlier, in a mid-1990s Australian cult hit*.

*Bet you didn't see this one coming! ... unless you, like, knew about it already or something.

Now THAT's a diverse three-role capsule.

Bonus Oscars note: Within these three films/franchises, Weaving wore Oscar-winning costumes twice (LOTR: ROTK and Adventures of Priscilla), wore Oscar-winning makeup twice (the first and third LOTR installments), was cut together in Oscar-winning fashion twice (Best Film Editing winners LOTR: ROTK and Matrix) and was green-screened (or something like that) by four Oscar-winning visual effects teams (all three LOTRs and Matrix). Not bad for a non-household name.

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