Saturday, April 11, 2009


It's a fact: It's the greatest city in the history of mankind*.

*Or maybe I'm thinking of this city.

Good thing it isn't like this all year:

Briefly, some of the best films centered around a city that -- despite a reasonably long list of movies set there -- still gets underplayed on the big screen.

Of course, this one:

This one's among the best ... even if the city itself doesn't figure so prominently:


Who could forget this one?

And then there's my favorite, for multiple reasons: The Weather Man (also pictured above). As Chicago goes, no film I've seen better captures the city's oddly life-affirming winter bleakness.


  1. No love for Rookie of the Year?

  2. Nah, the plot was too unbelievable. I mean, baseball teams don't get good just because they find a dominant closer!