Saturday, March 28, 2009

Heeeere comes another Indie

Do you like quirk? Do you like songs you can only hear on college radio stations*? Do you like Alan Arkin as a strange-yet-lovable old man?

*Until they get on a popular soundtrack, and then you can't even go to strip clubs without hearing a track or two.

If so, then this one's for you:

A few comments:

First -- Jeez, Emily Blunt's bosses are tough!

Second -- It's sad that Alan Arkin might end up remembered by a generation of filmgoers as that aforementioned old man (it won him an Oscar, after all), rather than for a terrific, diverse set of turns, like this one (hilarious), this one or this one (NSFW).

Third -- Amy Adams really is good, and it's nice to see she's not playing an innocent little girl all the time.

That said ...

Fourth -- ... here's hoping she (and the other talented actors) get meaty roles in movies that don't appear to be Indie for the sake of Indie. Really, the formula is beyond old. Like in music, lacking the "big label" doesn't necessarily give you a creative advantage. You've got to, uh, actually employ creativity first. There's a DeJuan Blair-sized gap between by-the-numbers Indie and daring, independent originality, like this:

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