Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Underrated: Caaaaaaaable Guuuuuuy

Thanks to HBO for replaying this one, which gets the "underrated" label because of its lousy (5.8 out of 10) score on IMDB ...

Back when Jim Carrey was known more for movies in which he talked out of his rear end than ... for other movies in which he talked out of his tokhes, everyone's favorite Canadian death metal fan went in a slightly different direction by playing a not-so-lovable cable guy* -- and playing it remarkably well, one of the first hints that his talents went well beyond slapstick (later confirmed here and here, and really confirmed here).


Ace Ventura, this ain't. It's dark. Maybe not coffee-black, but The Cable Guy relies more on satire than on (admittedly hilarious) Monopoly Guy jokes. Sure, that makes the movie not for everyone -- but if you don't mind humor with teeth, don't forget about Chip Douglas the next time you Netflix.

Highlights include:

Best. Basketball scene. Ever. (Assist goes to Filter for the background song.)

This hilarious answering-machine scene (one of several great movie bits involving voicemail, now that I think about it ...)

An early appearance from the two members of The Greatest Band on Earth (although they share no screen time in Cable Guy):

*This one ain't safe for work, kiddies*

Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny

Final note: Ben Stiller might not bat 1.000 as an actor (and he might be a little finicky about where passengers ride in his car), but his last three movies as a director:

-The Cable Guy
-Tropic Thunder

Not bad.

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