Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mark your Google Calendars ...

We have ...

... an Oscars date: March 7, 2010, according to AP -- two weeks later than normal because of, ugh, the Winter Olympics*.

*Revolutionary idea: Have the figure skating finalists perform to the Best Original Song nominees. That way we can tune both out at the same time!

Oh, but this should be a positive post, because it's got us thinking about the Academy Awards and all their frustratingly exciting, obsession-driving glory.

Even more important: Christmas Day itself (a.k.a. Oscar Nominations Day) is set for Feb. 2.

So what will we see on the second day of February*?

*Do NOT say "our shadow."

Will the Academy recognize powerful, gripping cinema, like in 2007? Or will it honor over-hyped fluff ... like in 2007? Or maybe something like this?

Can't wait to see ...

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