Saturday, March 7, 2009

Trailer Watch: Mall cops, bank robbers and '90s bands

Some trailers I caught while seeing Watchmen (review here):


I'll avoid the obvious Christian Bale jokes (I couldn't top Seth McFarlane, anyway) and ask this question: Is it now the thing to take 1990s rock bands and put their songs in action/sci-fi trailers now (see: Smashing Pumpkins and the original Watchmen trailer)?


Sorry, but it's going to take some pretty strong reviews here to keep me from thinking about anything but this band and this album and this single (check it out ... if you dare) when I hear the name "Dillinger." Also, I know Michael Mann's into the whole digital thing, but doesn't it just look weird in a movie set in the 1930s?


It's like Paul Blart: Mall Cop, but with talent!

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