Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Judd

*Note: The title of this post was brought to you in a very NSFW way by "Hey Now!" Hank Kingsley.

So in another one of my lives I'm into sports or something. Guess you might be able to pick that up considering the referee pic on the right side of this blog.

Anyway, as a sports junkie, I frequent this one little website from time to time, and often read this humor columnist named Bill Simmons. In a recent e-mail exchange with readers, Simmons (a regular pop-culture in-joke machine) talked movie bromance (he declared Shawshank's Red and Andy the "greatest bromance ever"), and he discussed many, many other things of varying topics.

One topic was bold predictions. One prediction was this:

"America will turn against Judd Apatow."

I agree.

Not that Apatow didn't bring us one of the most likable gross-out comedies imaginable in The 40 Year Old Virgin -- which also pretty much resurrected the genre -- but I think we're nearing the saturation point. Too much, too fast.

It seems each passing Apatow film -- or at least each one that features members of The Judd Apatow Troupe (Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, Jonah Hill, et al) -- gets a little less hilarious, and a little more derivative. Not to say films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Pineapple Express weren't laugh-out-loud funny at times ... it's just, ya know, the shtick isn't as good as it was four years ago.

Now there's this:

Funny, sure. But a Deer Hunter joke?

And one more thing: Let's hope Funny People avoids the forced (and mostly unbelievable) ending that turned Knocked Up into a "grown-up" movie with "values" (or something like that). Less maturity, more (incredibly NSFW) Mooj.

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