Saturday, March 14, 2009

The inevitable 2001 review

Ever heard of this one?

Next question: Was 2001: A Space Odyssey one of the most influential films of its time (1968)? Yes.

OK, another one: Is 2001 filled with pretty cool effects, sounds and images, even by today's standards? Absolutely. (Click here for an example, but beware spoilers.)

Still ... Is 2001 a slow, mostly empty experience whose story only makes moderate sense (unless you happened to burn one with The Dude before watching it)? That one, too, is affirmative.

Sorry to go after an Unquestionable Legendary Film, but seriously -- sure, the cinematic tricks are fun (the opening bit about the Dawn of Man, in particular, still is a wow*). But a truly great film, in and of itself, these things do not make. That's why the word "influential" is thrown around. Here, it's a euphamism for, "Way original, and good for it's time, but ..."

*Not a ShamWow, though.

For a more complete experience, better to check out a near-forgotten work from director Stanley Kubrick instead.

And another thing: If I have to hear 2001's theme one more time ...

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